Why Go with Digital Signage?

Why Go with Digital Signage?

Have you ever browsed a menu at a restaurant and decided to go with the meal photographed, because it just looked so good? You can imagine (and practically taste) that burger when you see it. That’s the power of Digital Signage – see it, want it.

See It. Want It.

This principle translates well to most industries, not just restaurants.

digital signage

What’s the key message you want customers and potential customers to know and understand about your company?

Digital Signage is popping up everywhere; you see it in airports, retail stores, restaurants, but, it’s having a growing place in corporate establishments, too. Any entity that wants to communicate to patrons and visitors can surely benefit and gain a ROI with instituting Digital Signage as part of their Visual Strategy.

3 Reasons your company will benefit with Digital Signage:

Always Current – No more waiting on the printer to make a change to your signage! Our commercial displays feature embedded system-on-chip (SoC) technology, which allows creation and revisions to be updated and managed across a digital signage network, or to just one display. Make these changes via computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere! Welcome guests, promote a product, or share a map of your facility with digital signage greeting them at the door.

Signage Becomes a Sales Associate or Attendant – Provide product and service info when guests enter your facility, and use as a tool for suggestion selling and up-selling at the point-of-purchase. Digital Signage with touch screen technology takes this benefit one step further, by allowing the viewer to navigate themselves through product information, or to pinpoint where they would like to go within the facility. Empower your patrons to become informed and reach their decisions faster.

Cost-effective – Since digital signage is alive, the waste of re-printing signage, brochures, and flyers to advertise is eliminated. Companies experience a ROI very quickly, and are able to deliver their newest message immediately.

Digital Signage

Also, can we just say, that the picture quality, dynamic imagery, and interactivity of digital signage also presents a professional and engulfing experience for your guests, that leaves an impression and memory of your company’s message!

Businesses of any size have a benefit and a ROI to gain when making the shift to Digital Signage. These flexible and useful visual displays have a place and purpose everywhere. How would you use digital signage at your company?

Visual Strategy is our game, and we can help you develop that plan, and smartly execute. Since one-size doesn’t fit all for digital signage and video displays, reach out to get a free consultation, and learn about the options for your best implementation.

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