Write on the Walls

Visual Boardroom & Training Room Solutions

More than just a projector and video conferencing, with our podium 24 inch interactive pen display, you can present while writing notes or illustrations with a cordless pen on a touch screen. Everything you write, is projected on whatever video display you choose.

By facing the audience while projecting to a large display, speakers can take questions, gauge understanding and adapt their presentations to drive home key concepts.

Update your conference room technology. Better training, better results.

Our Standard 3×2 Video Wall and Podium package, starts at $375/month

Interactive Touch Display Kiosks

Indoor/Outdoor Kiosks

Designed to bring your message to audiences in a variety of settings, our interactive displays and kiosks immediately greet clients with your welcoming brand. With interactive capabilities, guests can find their destination simply and easily, especially with app integrations to help them take the kiosk map with them.

Kiosks / Wayfinding

  • Floor-standing displays
  • Indoors & Outdoors
  • Immediately greet clients at the door with your welcoming brand and message.
  • Interactive Wayfinding Services; app integrations to help guests take the kiosk map with them.
  • Unmanned Receptionist

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Unsurpassed Visual Quality


OLED displays are an organic light-emitting diode vs. an LED which is a light-emitting diode (LED). That basically means that unlike LEDs, OLEDS can be made to be extremely thin, flexible, even bendable, and can be used as individual pixels, lighting up and turning off totally independently. When an OLED pixel is turned off, it achieves complete black.

Since OLEDS can deliver on dark and deep black, it can produce the sharpest and most accurate colors, no matter the viewing angle. Video quality is also preserved at the best clear picture, no matter how slow the video playback.

OLED has NO limitations on space and design, so you can let your imagination dream up creative display solutions, no matter the space.

-5000x Faster Motion Picture Response Time

-No light bleed

-Infinite Contrast

-Accurate and Stable Color Reproduction

-Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life

-Wide Viewing Angles

-Light-weight and thin

Immersive Video Experience

Transparent OLED Digital Signage

Transparent OLED signage lights up spaces hidden behind the display, offering a see-through opportunity for your audience to engage in your content. These transparent digital displays turn static signage areas into open and interactive spaces.

While clearly being able to see behind the screen, Transparent OLED signage seamlessly overlays information so that viewers can easily see both behind the screen, and the relevant information on the screen.

Transparent OLED signage is also very versatile. Since it is designed as a semi-assembled display, it can be installed any way that best suits structures and spaces. With endless possibilities, Transparent OLED signage can enhance any venue.

This display also makes a statement in the dark! Awe your audience by using Augmented Reality (AR) effects in low light environments. Your videos come to life, and provide a magical atmosphere.

Visual Solutions

Digital Signage

Digital Signage solutions are designed with a focus on a deep understanding of industries and customer convenience. Our vast selection of LED backlit display monitors, are available in a variety of sizes and specs to match the unique demands of your environment.
video wall digital signage
Visual Solutions

Video Walls

Full HD LED displays deliver exceptional picture quality, clarity, color and contrast, to bring an immersive viewing experience. True wide viewing eliminates color shifts and distortion at any viewing angle. Cover the walls and corners of your business welcoming center, foyer, or boardroom.