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MVDconnect has the necessary depth and breadth of expertise to deploy, operate and maintain IT infrastructure and networks for some of the most demanding industries.

Through our relationship with trusted partners, we're able to help you solve your greatest IT challenges and grow your business like never before.

Allow us to help you…

-Increase your Bandwidth
-Lower Downtime
-Less Headaches; we manage working with your Carrier for you (no more long waiting times on hold!)

Carrier Services

From our research of serving over 3,000 customers the past 27 years, we’ve found that nearly 80% of carrier bills for businesses are incorrect.

We at MVDconnect come to understand your business and understand what exactly your business needs and doesn’t need. We’ll work with your carrier company (or find a better provider), to help you save.

On average, our customers save 23% on their current bills, while in most cases, giving them more.


You don’t have to sacrifice real-time business communications or call quality when you use video, online collaboration tools, and other bandwidth-intensive cloud applications. 

SIP Trunking

If your bandwidth needs to rise and fall with the volume of peaks and lows of the business day, SIP Trunking might be the answer for your business. Enjoy more bandwidth and no waste with a custom SIP Trunking solution.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a software-defined wide-area network. Software is used to create a network spanning large areas. With SD-WAN, you have the ability to route and prioritize data over your business’ data networks. You can improve and depend on better communication quality for your private circuits, commercial broadband, and even 4G LTE connections.

Maintain great voice quality without compromising on privacy or control, with a SD-WAN solution.

-Enhance your network’s agility

-Replace expensive dedicated connections with affordable internet connections

-Fast installation; weeks instead of months

-4-5x increase in Bandwidth

-No Down-Time

Benefits of SD-WAN

Bandwidth Prioritization

Secure performance of your voice, video, and real-time business features with traffic prioritization on your bandwidth.

Firewall Optimization

SD-WAN provides a fully functional Application Layer Firewall and replaces both personal firewalls and routers with one service.


Smooth transition from one network to the other in failover.

SIP Trunking

What happens with bandwidth if your need for SIP Trunking fluctuates with the needs of the business? Let’s say at peak hours, you need 200 call paths, but 50% of the remaining time you only need 100 call paths.

With SIP Trunking, you only take up bandwidth when a trunk is being used for a call. SIP Trunking and data packets typically ride the same circuit, meaning all the excess bandwidth can now be used for other applications. There is no waste.

Benefits to SIP Trunking:

– Controlled in the network, so easier and faster to perform MAC work. No need to dispatch technicians.

– Higher speed data circuits are typically delivered over fiber, which will provide better quality long-term, versus POTS/PRI on copper.

– Maximizes the investment in your MPLS and Ethernet Network.

– Provide more robust, built-in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options at the network, trunk, and telephone number levels.

– Creates a foundation to layer on your choice of UC&C applications.

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