Important Announcement

Important Announcement

As of October 1, 2019, MVDconnect, and Voice & Data Networks, Inc. (VDN) have united into one company moving forward, taking the name of MVDconnect. Both companies are excited to combine their strengths of services, features, products and support, to deliver a truly comprehensive solution for every path of your communication needs. From a phone accessory to a collaboration strategy, this powerhouse, new entity can manage it all! 

Voice & Data Networks, Inc.’s CEO, Joe Hines, shares why this unification is a win-win for everyone:

“At VDN we understand that our clients chose VDN because we understood their needs and crafted operations and solutions to accommodate those needs. MVDconnect is an organization committed to the same standards of service, ideals and quality as VDN. Additionally, MVDconnect brings to VDN clients, forward-thinking regarding Collaboration, as well as technical prowess that VDN clients can leverage in a mutually beneficial manner.”

Joe Hines and MVDconnect’s CEO, Jeff Black, have had a long-standing relationship over the years, with Voice & Data Networks being founded in 1995, and MVDconnect founded in 1992. Jeff Black speaks confidently about the abilities and newly gained strength, by bringing the two seasoned companies together:

“The combined entity of MVDconnect and VDN strengthens our local and national expertise in support services, and offerings in hardware and software solutions from leading manufacturers like Mitel, Avaya, Vonage, and SMART Technologies, and 24/7 customer support. For both MVDconnect and VDN customers, it’s still business as usual, and the main contact you normally reach out to, will still be there for you in this transition. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.”

We’re excited to share more about our growing capabilities with this integration in the days to come, but please reach out if you have an immediate need.