Spring Time Change Instructions

Spring Time Change Instructions

Follow the directions below for your system. If your system is not listed or if you’re having issues, please call 1-888-843-1683 to talk with an MVD representative.

Partner ACS System

  1. Go to the phone that is extension 10
  2. Press these buttons in sequence:
    Feature button, then 0, 0, then press the left intercom button twice
  3. The display should read “System Program”
  4. For a time entry press #103 and enter the time in military format
  5. When finished you can press the Feature button then 00

Merlin Legend / Magix System

The time and date is a system feature rather than an individual telephone feature.

To change the date:

  1. Press “Menu” -> “System Program” -> “Exit” or “Start” -> “System” -> “Date”
  2. Enter the date in the following format: mmddyy (where mm is the month, dd is the day, and yy is the year)
  3. Press “Enter” -> “Exit” or “Back”
  4. Press “Home” or “Exit” to exit programming mode

To change the time:

  1. Press “Menu” -> “System Program” -> “Exit” or “Start” -> “System” -> “Time”
  2. Enter the time in military (24 hour) format: HH:MM (where HH is the hour, 01-24, and MM is the minutes, 00-60)
  3. Press “Enter” -> “Exit” or “Back”
  4. Press “Home” or “Exit” to exit programming mode

Mitel MiVoice Office 250

Changing time from a ADMIN phone:

  1. Dial 9800. The programmed date appears.
  2. Use the dial pad buttons to enter the month, day, and year. For example, enter 020308 for February 3, 2008.
  3. Use the dial pad buttons to enter the time in hours and minutes. For example, enter 0900 for 9:00
  4. If the system is set for a 12-hour display format, SELECT AM OR PM appears. Press 1 (or the AM menu button) for A.M. or press 2 (or the PM menu button) for P.M.


To synchronize network time:

  1. Dial 9811. NETWORK TIME SYNCHRONIZED appears.
  2. Changing time from System Administration and Diagnostics software:
  3. Connect to the system. Once connected you will see the time and date on the initial screen.  Verify “Enable Daylight Savings Time” is set to Yes, if not click on No and select Yes.  Time will update.

If time is wrong you may select Time on the same screen and manually set it.  If unable to set time and it’s wrong “Enable Network Time Protocol (NTP)” is set to Yes but the system cannot reach the Internet.  Contact MVD for assistance.

Mitel MiVoice Business

Note: Newer versions of the 3300 ICP adjust time automatically for DST. (MiVoice Business 5.0 and above)  If time does not change automatically contact MVD for assistance.

  1. Log in to the system’s Group Administration Tool via a browser interface (Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode) – You must know the IP address of the system, login username, and password)
  2. Click on Group Administration Tool
  3. Click on Change Date and Time
  4. On the right panel, change the date and time as needed.
  5. Click OK

Mitel SX-2000 and SX-2000 MicroLight

To set the time from the main Console…

  1. Press “FUNCTION”
  2. Press “ATT FUNCTION”
  3. Press “SET TIME”

The display will ask you to enter the time. The time (which can be in either the 12 or 24 hour format, depending on system programming), is entered as HH:MM, where HH is hours and MM is minutes.

When two digits have been entered for the hours, the ‘:’ will automatically be displayed.

After you enter four valid digits, the display will give you the option to SET or choose for the hour you entered to be PM.

You may:

  1. Press “PM” to register the time as after 12:00PM, in 12 hour format.
  2. OR Press “SET” to enter the time as shown.
  3. Press “EXIT”

Note: “PM” will appear only is the 12 hour clock is programmed in the system, and the hour entered is 01-12. “SET” will appear only if the same time has been entered correctly. The < Key can be used to back up and correct an incorrect digit.

Mitel SX-200 DIGITAL, SX-200 ML & EL, 200ICP

To change the TIME on the System:

  1. Press FUNCTION
  3. Press SET TIME
  4. Enter HOUR and MINUTE, TWO Digits each (i.e. 12:01)
  5. IF 12 Hour Format, enter PM
  6. Press SET
  7. Press EXIT

To Change the DATE on the System:

  1. Press FUNCTION
  3. Press SET DATE
  5. Press SET
  6. Press EXIT

Mitel SX-50 (Analog)

To set the time:

  3. EXAMPLE FOR 11:00AM: ENTER 14 PLUS 1100.

Mitel SX-200 (Analog)

To set the time:

  1. Dial *5
  2. The ANSWER lamp lights… the DESTINATION lamp lights
  3. Dial Hours
  4. Dial Minutes
  5. Dial * if time is PM (not required if 24 hour clock is used)
  6. DESTINATION Display shows: Hours, minutes (and P if PM and 12-hour clock)
  7. ATT lamp is lit
  8. Press RELEASE Key
  9. ANSWER and DESTINATION lamps go out
  10. Time is now displayed on digital clock.

Avaya IP Office

There are a couple easy ways to do this.

Log on to the System Administrator console and select the system on the left hand list. Make sure you have the System tab also selected and you will see a box called Time Settings. Just above this is a drop down list box called Time Setting Config Source. This tells the system where you want it to get the time from

If you want to quickly get the system and all handsets displaying the right time, the quickest way is to set the drop down box to Voicemail Pro / Manager.

In the Time Server Address box enter the IP address of the PC you are running System Administrator on and OK the change. Go to File -> Save configuration. This change is one that can be merged and within minutes you should start to see all handsets reflect the new time.

What’s the downside to this configuration?

The problem with this method is that it assumes that the time on your PC is correct. And even if you have your PC configured to pick up it’s time from an accurate time source, you are not going to be running the System Administrator console all the time for the system to sync to.

The best method is to point the Time Setting Config Source to an SNTP Server. SNTP Stands for Simple Network Time Protocol and it is a method of synchronizing the clocks of computer systems over packet switched data networks. If you have an SNTP Server on your local network that has an accurate time source point it at that. Alternatively you would need to configure your firewall to allow the Avaya IP Office system to get access to an external SNTP server.

To point at an SNTP server, change the Time Setting Config Source drop-down to the SNTP option. Put in the Time Server Address and check the other settings.