MVDconnect is Here for You

MVDconnect is Here for You

Dear friends and associates,

Thank you for the partnership and business. We are in uncharted waters and will continue to navigate these for years to come.

Some of our best clients have already advised me they will be slow paying. The economic impact will be something like we have never seen before. We survived 2008-09 by being proactive, planning, and controlling our expenses while continuing to deliver world-class service to you. In many cases, we financed your recovery with our technology or allowing you to pay us when you found the spare money. Together we have all survived multiple crises since 1992: dot com, Y2K, housing, etc.

MVDconnect is here because of you and wants to be here for you. If you are having or foresee financial difficulty, we are happy to help you with temporary or permanent solutions. The future now has a new normal in our business world. Nobody but a fool can predict what it looks like. We want to be your partner and continue our collaboration journeys together.

My people have a strict ‘no visitor’ rule in our offices along with the option to use common sense when coming to MVDconnect. We all trust and know that as a strong team, we will always strive to do the right things so working remotely a bit here and there during and after hours is completely understood. We are results-oriented.

Stay safe these next 14-30 days, protect your families, your employees, your customers, and we will all get through this a bit beat up but alive.


Jeff Black