A Skype meeting, but so much more

Photo of example SMART Room System

The SMART Room System combines SMART's industry-leading interactive displays with Skype for Business, so that you can write over content, use touch gestures and get more work done during any Skype meeting.

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Cutting edge technologyto make any meeting more effective

  • One-touch meeting technology makes starting meetings a snap
  • Collaborate on and write over any application you want, including Microsoft® PowerPoint® and Adobe® Acrobat.
  • Choose the best solution for any meeting space with a choice of six room sizes
  • Hear and see remote teams as clearly as if they're in the same room
  • Enjoy seamless integration with the only purpose-built system manufactured and supported by one vendor

Write over any application

Plug in your laptop and the content you share is now fully interactive. Write over it or zoom, move or drag it with touch gestures within SMART's Unbound Workspace.

Leading features and benefits

  • Commercial-grade, HD/LCD displays offer an unrivaled touch experience
  • Walk in and the display turns on
  • Work within the Skype for Business interface
  • The panoramic camera (109°) ensures remote colleagues see everyone
  • Add up to 5 tabletop omni-directional microphones
  • Control the meeting from the console

More size options

From a single 55" display all the way up to a dual 84" configuration, with 6 sizes to choose from, there is a SMART Room system to fit any meeting room size or need.

Photo of example SMART Room System