SMART Technologies makes sharing ideas with your colleagues around the world as natural as meeting over coffee. With SMART, you can pass ideas back and forth between mobile devices, PVs, and interactive displays as fast as you can think of them.

SMART kappSharing your whiteboard notes has never been easier.

Just walk up and start writing with a dry-erase marker. Everyone you invite sees whatever you jot down, regardless of their location. Save notes on your phone, tablet and PC with a tap, erase and repeat. It's a whiteboard and personal organizer in one.

  • Easy set up — just plug in and start writing
  • Save and organize notes on your device
  • Email session notes as PDFs or JPEGs
  • Protect sensitive work with encrypted connections

Available in 42" and 84".

SMART kapp iQ and iQ ProSMART kapp iQ and iQ Pro give one-touch access to a whiteboard, a web browser and wireless screen sharing, all without the need for an external PC.

  • Contribute from anywhere - Writing on the display with digital pens is as easy as paper. Anyone you invite, up to 250 worldwide, can see and contribute to everything on the display using their devices
  • 4K Ultra HD display - It complements any space. Show presentations, videos and anything else from your laptop on the display in sharp Ultra HD resolution.
  • Touch. Write. Swipe. Control the display with your hands
  • Save and organize notes on your devices. Send as PDFs or JPEGs
  • Protect sensitive work with encrypted connections
  • The panoramic whiteboard scrolls left to right, giving you more room to work
  • Instantly access the internet with built-in web browser
  • Share content on the display over the same WiFi network from a variety of personal devices
  • Connect a guest PC or other multimedia devices to the display