With more than 1000 response points nationwide — MVDconnect offers seamless installation and support services to our customers at any North American location, no matter how remote.

MVDconnect provides comprehensive, flexible and tailored service and support to our customers. You can expand and customize the services MVDconnect provides for you as the needs of your business grow, ranging from performing system monitoring to managing every aspect of your telephone infrastructure. You can also easily get in touch with our 24-hour, US-based support team over the phone of online using our customer web portal.

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Warranty / Maintenance Programs

MVD offers and abides by the manufactures' warranty programs for all new and refurbished telephone equipment. Some of the programs included replacement of parts and defective equipment as well as labor. Our customers have the option of signing up for MVD's support program and enjoy additional benefits and services.

Response Time Guarantee

MVD guarantees remote response time of two (2) hours and to be on-site within four (4) hours in an emergency situation.

Free Remote Moves, Adds, and Changes

MVD offers free remote moves, adds, changes, or deletes for all of our maintenance customers.

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Coverage Explanation

Replacement parts are covered by all agreements, with the exception of monitoring agreements.
This includes all replacement parts needed. Parts are replaced like for like when possible but at times we may have to substitute after-market parts for older systems.

All listed hardware is covered under your agreement.
Replacement of parts, including any cost for transporting these parts via appropriate transport are covered. That means for a completely down system any parts required to restore functionality will be overnighted. For non-critical parts, transport will be via ground.

Phone coverage is optional.
When included on your agreement, all phones listed on the inventory will be replaced, like for like at no charge when needed. This may mean that a re-manufactured part will be substituted.

Labor required to perform repairs is covered by your agreement.
If this repair is performed during the same visit as a billable event (such as during an upgrade), the labor for the covered repair is deducted from the time needed for the overall project. If the repair must take place at a time outside your hours of coverage, there will be a charge for those hours, but parts and travel will still be covered under your agreement.

Mileage or travel charges are covered by all agreements.
If this repair is performed during the same visit as a billable event (such as during the installation of an additional accessory), there may be travel charges for the overall project. This should be discussed with your sales rep while reviewing the requirements of the new project.

Remote Support, when accessible, is covered.
Remote support is provided during the hours of coverage described in your support assurance agreement. Any support needed outside of your hours of coverage is not covered.

Items and Instances that are Not Covered

The wiring and jacks of your office are not covered.
If we need to physically move a jack, or if a phone stops working because the jack itself is bad, the repair is not covered. We may be able to perform the work needed, but it is not covered under your maintenance agreement. Separate wire maintenance may be purchased at a rate of $2 per month per wire drop

Trouble that is actually your dial-tone is not covered.
If the failure that you experience is a result of your dial-tone provider — such as an interruption in the area or problems with their equipment, any visit needed from a technician is not covered. Additionally if you make changes to your service, such as a change of service providers, any visit required from a technician is not covered. If you purchase your dial-tone and/or circuits from MVD then this is covered.

Repairs that are a result of misuse are not covered.
Repairs needed because of any spills or drops are not covered. Any movement of equipment by unauthorized technicians that results in a need for technical support is not covered.

Service as a result of an act of nature is not covered. Floods, fires or other catastrophic event is not covered. It is your responsibility to ensure that fully functioning surge protection is in place. Any damage caused by power surges are not covered.

Installation of new accessories is not covered.
Should you add on to your existing system, the installation of the addition is not covered. The new items will be added to your agreement at the end of the warranty period, and you will be invoiced for support assurance on the new items for the pro-rated time period needed to make the agreements co-terminus.