Patient Room Displays

A Preventative Approach to Healthcare

Designed to improve patient satisfaction and coordination of care, MEDI+SIGN has created a connected health platform with Digital Patient Whiteboard Solutions.

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Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display

The digital patient room whiteboard display replaces traditional dry-erase whiteboards in patient rooms, benefitting both patients and providers.

  • Information is continuously updated as the provider updates and revises the patient's electronic health records (EHRs).
  • Translates healthcare acronyms for easy understanding for the patients.
  • Eliminates the time needed to update whiteboards in patient rooms.
Patient Room Display
Patient Door Display

Digital Patient Room Door Display

Alert physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff of important information and alerts prior to entering a patient's room.

  • Concerning allergies, isolations, dietary restrictions, core measures, or other precautions are displayed on a staff-facing display outside each patient’s room.
  • Follows HIPPA regulations.
  • Customize each display to match the hospital’s existing icons for seamless integration and staff acceptance.

Digital Nurse Station Monitoring Display

The digital nurse station monitoring display acts as a quick reference for patient names, room and nurse assignments, potential isolation, and more.

  • Connects to existing electronic health records (EHRs) and other legacy systems to communicate updated and accurate information in real time.
  • Updates care teams on rounds, pain medication schedules, and pain levels and trends
MEDISIGN Nurse Display Station
MEDISIGN Emergency Department

Digital Exam Room Whiteboards for Emergency Departments

Enhance the patient experience and communication in the Emergency Room with the digital exam room whiteboards.

  • Housed in smaller packages to fit the tight spaces of Emergency Department examination rooms.
  • Displays critical information in real time to the patients and care staff during the short period of time that the patient will be in the room.
  • Presents simplified information and alerts to patients and includes their care team with pictures, role and name, diet, patient location, discharge status, average test time, radiology tests ordered, average lab time, and lab status.
  • Special messages appear when staff are paged to respond to an alert to notify patients that staff are busy with another patient.
  • Match the aesthetics of the exam room and a psychiatric room model that features a low-profile enclosure and protective lexan face that adheres to best practices for psychiatric patient safety.

Anti-Fall Technology

When paired with Anti-Fall technology, additional information can be displayed to further improve patient care.

  • Patient’s fall risk
  • Out of bed status
  • Real-time mobility status
  • Compliance with patient safety procedures

Flashing bed alarm alerts notify the care staff of the room alarming, augmenting lights outside the room and nurse call arms to reduce alarm fatigue in nurses and encourage a healing environment.

MEDISIGN Customization

MEDI+SIGN Customization

The information displayed on the MEDI+SIGN solutions can be customized for each hospital organization and for the unit it will be used.

  • Each information block can be moved, added, or taken away
  • Widgets can be created for care team identification, clinical information, coordination, fall risk, pain level, and more
  • Customization for emergency department, physical therapy, and pediatrics
  • Enclosures are ADA compliant and can be made to match the hospital’s furniture and aesthetics