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MitelCordless (DECT) Headset with Charging Cradle (does not include DECT Module)

Part: 50005522 New

$360.00 MSRP


Cordless (DECT) Headset w/ Charging Cradle (NA)

For use on 5330/5330e/5340/5340e/5360 IP Phones.

Requires: 50005521 Cordless (DECT) Accessories Module (NA)

Get the Bundle: 50005712 Cordless (DECT) Headset & Module Bundle contains both 50005521 -Cordless (DECT) Accessories Module and 50005522 -Cordless (DECT) Headset w/ Charging Cradle (NA)

Recommended Minimum System Software:

  • 3300 ICP, Release 8.0,
  • UR1 SX-200 ICP,
  • Release 4.0 (UR3) 5000 CP,
  • Release 3.0 Not Supported on SIP Phones.



90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

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