Voss Auto NetworkCase Study

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MVDconnect took on the difficult task of helping Voss Auto Network improve their already best-in-class customer service. We went to the drawing board to develop a plan that transitioned their legacy network and phone infrastructure to a newer, more efficient solution that integrated with their other business software.

After reviewing competitors, Voss chose the Avaya IP Office Server Edition utilizing SIP Trunks. This major update increased business efficiencies, allowed their sales team to take care of customers while on the lot and on the go, utilized a redundant backup site for disaster recovery, and saved money on their monthly phone bills.

These major benefits would help them sell more autos easier and increase overall customer satisfaction.


The Voss Auto Network is an auto dealer based in the Miami Valley area of Ohio. They started in 1972 but have grown since then to include nine franchises including Honda, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hyundai, Scion, BMW, and Toyota. The Voss Collision Centre is one of the largest in the country with two locations and was awarded the Allstate CSI AutocheX Premier Achiever Award. This award is given to the top 5% of Allstate's 15,000 collision centers nationwide. The Voss Auto Network also operates the only BMW Certified Center in Ohio.

While updating their CRM software, a complete update of their voice and data networks was seen as needed. Voss had an old network of Merlin phone systems that had been networked together but were costly and inefficient compared to newer IP solutions. They were also unable to properly support their mobile support staff.


Voss investigated several solutions including Cisco and Avaya but already being familiar with the Merlin system, an upgrade to the Avaya IP Office Server Edition was a comfortable and familiar solution that would provide them all of the features they wanted and needed. Mobile software for their sales team was also selected to allow them to communicate easier out on the lot as well as allow for one number reachability and business tracking in case a rep left or was on vacation.

Avaya IP Office Server Edition

The IP Office Server Edition sets the standard for midsize business communications. The Server Edition allows your teams to more effectively engage with each other and your customers. It delivers a wealth of collaboration capabilities to your mobile, remote, and office workers and scales up to 2,000 users across 32 locations.


Due to the multiple sites and not wanting any site to lose business being down, a methodical upgrade to each site individually was selected. A project plan and timeline were put together at the start and were regularly reviewed with Voss to ensure no issues were unresolved at the end.

We started implementation with the remote sites and then upgraded the main site. New phones were up in parallel with their current system until all carrier services were converted. Once testing was completed and carrier services were moved, each location was migrated to the IP Office.

End user training was closely coordinated and conducted in advance of each locations respective go-live date.

There were a few issues porting numbers with the initial site but working with the carriers, we were able to complete these and avoid further issues with other sites.

"No install is without issues. The key is to have constant and open lines of communication with the customer to insure as smooth a cutover as possible," stated Jeff Kuehner, Project Manager.


With the switch to SIP Trunking, Voss Auto Network was able to save on their monthly phone bills and are able to utilize new technology for mobility. Sales reps can now quickly chat with their manager/service in the building while answering their prospective customers out in the lot.