Built for Business

Enhance Your Customer Experience and Realize New Business Outcomes at Scale

Utilize high deliverability and global Messaging, Voice, and Chat communications to enable new ways to interact with your customers and redefine their experience. With expert support, you can abstract the complexity of communications and innovate faster.

Reimagine voice interactions to redefine your customer experiences.
Messaging and Chat
Make each message count as an opportunity for your customers and your business.
Enhance security and privacy — and create seamless login experiences.

Customer Attitude Towards Interacting with Businesses

Competitive Advantage

Every business, regardless of size or industry, is seeking more effective ways to compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Many are turning to digital transformation efforts to gain a competitive advantage.
your business going places only you ever thought was possible.

Communication is Happier Customers

Companies with top-notch communication platforms show better business results, including increased customer acquisition, higher customer satisfaction, and improved employee productivity.
Let us show you how the greatest businesses of the day are building their successes around the remarkable reinvention of today’s ways of communicating.

Business Use Cases are Endless

Whether you’re helping ride-share users communicate, connecting your web chat to your CRM, or even enabling renters to privately communicate with vacation rentals, we can help your business empower your communications.

Notifications Based on Geography

Doing Business with Geofencing

Be notified when a customer is on their way and prepare food just in time for pickup. Send a text to your customer when your service vehicle is 15 minutes out. Have your emergency team ready for when an ambulance arrives. Geofencing and other geolocation services can bring your customer experience to a whole new level.

  • Improve quality
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase revenue
Seamlessly connect virtually anywhere

Reliable Unified Communications Built for Business

Gain powerful features that deliver value by giving you the right balance of flexibility and control, so you can work smarter, collaborate easier, and take care of business on the go.

  • Easily switch between desktop and mobile devices
  • Collaborate anywhere with robust conferencing tools and team messaging
  • 99.999% uptime reliability maximizes your business’ productivity
  • Easy to scale as your business grows — no unexpected costs!

Integrate with many of the most widely used cloud-based applications to make your workforce even more productive.

Hosted VoIP
Mobile Integration
IM/SMS Messaging
Business Application Integrations
CRM & Collaboration
Call/Contact Center
HD Video Conferencing
Audio Conferencing
Web Conferencing
UC Client (Softphone)
Unified Messaging
Call Monitor and Recording
Application Development
Mass Texting + Smart Targeting + Automation + CRM Integration

Market Where Your Customers Communicate

SMS text and MMS (picture messaging) are captivating, and delivered through the single device that never leaves our sides, our mobile phone.

  • Short codes enable you to send hundreds of messages per second
  • Landline texting allows your customers to call or send an SMS to your existing business phone number
  • Engage your subscribers with bulk texting, two-way texting, mobile voting/survey, appointment reminders, etc.
  • Smart targeting ensures every message is personalized and relevant to each recipient

communicate the way your customers or prospects prefer

Business Inbox: SMS and Social Integration

With Business Inbox, your customers can use SMS to reach your main company number (including toll-free numbers), or can reach you on Facebook. With a simple integration, customers can send messages through your company page on Facebook, which you can then access --and reply to-- through Business Inbox. Increase your customer satisfaction and boost your team’s productivity while delivering a top-notch experience for customers reaching out to your main number or social network.

Create delightful, powerful experiences with integrated texts, email and more — all through one intelligent marketing automation platform.

Marketing Automation

One omnichannel communications platform for all. Develop automated, customized drip campaigns to send personalized messages at every stage of the sales cycle via text, email, voice or social media.

Create amazing experiences that convert. Get better leads, shorten sales cycles and close more deals with highly relevant offers and communications: our platform’s SMS campaigns boast a 90% open rate and a conversion rate of 45%.

Work smarter, not harder. Features like Smart Targeting allow you to segment audiences based on buying behaviors, demographics, or location to communicate at exactly the right time, with the right message, in the right way.

elevated quality of service on your existing network connection

What is SD-WAN?

Using video, online collaboration tools, and other bandwidth-intensive cloud applications doesn’t have to degrade your real-time business communications or call quality. SmartWAN, our SD-WAN solution, can ensure that you get voice quality without compromising on privacy and control, even on your bring-your-own-broadband or hybrid network.